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PT Wired and BetterPT Partner to Offer In-App Appointment Scheduling

PT Wired, a patient engagement solution company that provides branded mobile apps to PT clinics to boost patient satisfaction, reduce patient dropout, and improve marketing, and BetterPT, a technology company focused on increasing patient access to healthcare services and improving the patient experience, have announced a partnership to launch an integrated patient engagement solution.

The powerful solution allows patients to securely access BetterPT’s integrated scheduling platform within PT Wired’s award-winning custom-branded Home Exercise Program mobile apps. As a result, patients are able to schedule, update, and cancel appointments seamlessly within their PT clinic’s branded app. Through BetterPT’s numerous EMR integrations, these appointment updates will be pushed directly to the PT clinic’s EMR systems. For PT clinics using non-integrated EMRs, appointment updates can be managed within BetterPT’s platform.

“Our integration with BetterPT’s end-to-end platform provides the perfect solution

for easy and efficient in-app appointment scheduling,” said Vikram Sethuraman, CEO of PT Wired. “Sometimes a patient struggles while completing their Home Exercise Program; other times they may be excelling and ready for progression to a new set of exercises. In both cases, it's the perfect time for them to schedule an appointment. Combined with our existing features such as digital video-based home exercise program access, secure patient-to-provider messaging, in-app bill pay, and in-app marketing experiences, we now offer a comprehensive mobile app solution to PT clinics.”

“The PT industry, and healthcare industry as a whole, are striving to meet

consumers’ expectation when it comes to implementing revolutionary digital solutions that have transformed most other sectors in the twenty-first century,” said Greg Peters, CEO of BetterPT. “Through our integrated healthcare platform, we’re able to help physical therapy clinics centralize and better manage their scheduling, thereby saving valuable time for everyone involved, while also increasing patients’ access to care through telehealth video appointments.”

“It’s incredible to see what I’ve always thought of as a fractionated healthcare ecosystem finally come together in the PT sector,” said Bryan Lang, PT, DPT, Owner of Whole Body Health Physical Therapy. “Home exercise programs are not only the best PT tool for outcomes but also our best engagement tool as PTs. Having a branded PT company app that pulls the client into an immersive experience with their exercises, allows them to chat with their provider, and facilitates easy appointment scheduling directly from their phone not only gets customers to use the app with greater frequency, but simply makes it easier for them to get the resources they need anywhere, anytime. That’s how you build loyal clientele and brand recognition.”

PT Wired and BetterPT have an upcoming joint webinar on Tuesday, June 8th at 8:30pm ET. The companies will demo the product integration and go through other highlights during the webinar. Click here to register.

About PT Wired

PT Wired is a patient engagement solution that helps physical therapy clinics prevent patient dropout, boost brand engagement, and improve marketing. Each PT practice receives a fully-branded mobile app available via iOS, Android, and Web that patients can download to access their Home Exercise Program with videos, notes, and reminders. In addition, patients can securely message their therapist, schedule appointments, pay bills, and access clinic marketing content. Therapists can quickly and easily customize patient prescriptions and marketing experiences through the provider portal. To create exercise programs, therapists can search and prescribe exercises from the 6000+ HD exercise videos in PT Wired’s database. They can also upload their proprietary videos. Therapists can track patient progress, message patients, and create exercise program templates and exercise favorites to streamline the process of building programs.

PT Wired has measured a 15% reduction in patient dropout on the platform. They currently work with 200+ PT organizations with 98% retention and are the #1 highest-rated Physical Therapy HEP company on Capterra (including 2020 Awards for Best Value and Best Ease of Use). For more information, please visit

About BetterPT

BetterPT™ is a technology company, committed to facilitating access to global healthcare services and improving the patient experience by connecting the three stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem: patients, providers, and payers. With an interoperable, HIPAA compliant application and EMR compatibility, BetterPT enables patients to access preventive care through in-office, virtual, and on-demand appointments. Its unique marketplace model provides an entry-point for patients seeking physical therapy care. To learn more, visit, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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