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PT Wired is the premier Patient Engagement Solution for Physical Therapy clinics.


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Mobile App

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Retention. Satisfaction. 

Join 200+ PT organizations by empowering your practice with a custom-branded mobile app.


Promote Your Brand

Only 1 in 10 physical therapy patients complete their full course of care. We help keep patients engaged and coming back.

You are the face of your own app on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Patients download YOUR app, not ours.

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Boost Revenue


Boost Satisfaction


Improve Outcomes

By improving patient retention and outcomes, your practice will generate more revenue.

Better engaged patients are more likely to become Superfans and refer other people to your business.

Increased adherence leads to improved outcomes and a better provider rating.

Keep Patients Engaged.

Make More Money.

Create a Personalized Home Exercise Program in 60-90 Seconds


Our intuitive software is designed to be fast and effective. Build a patient's personalized prescription by selecting from the 6000+ exercises in our video database. You can also upload and prescribe your own custom videos.

Engaging Patient Application

Patients access their Home Exercise Program on an engaging application, available on iOS, Android, and Web. The patient portal includes HD instructional videos, awards/achievements, progress tracking, a patient-provider messaging system, and more.

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Track Patient Adherence and Progress

Keep patients engaged by monitoring adherence and progress on the physical therapist dashboard. We've measured a 15% reduction in patient dropout on our platform.


Don't just take our word for it...


We've measured significant improvements with our current partners.


Upright Athlete

Using PT Wired has simplified the process of providing Home Exercises Programs. Our patients love using the app and it keeps them accountable because they always have their HEP with them.


Daniel Pinto, DPT

Marquette Physical Therapy

Patients on PT Wired are far less likely to drop off - its really that simple. Once we set them up, the system helps maximize patient engagement.


April Oury, PT

Body Gears Physical Therapy

The app opened doors because it embodies health, tech, and customer care far better than other conventional avenues - we're never going back.


Jared Pugmire, DPT

High Desert Physical Therapy

PT Wired has been a great tool to have in my clinic! My patients love the ease of having all their home exercises at a touch of a button. The app and clinical dashboard are very user friendly and it's easy to set up a new patient.


I knew that if the software added time to my workflow, it just wouldn't work. Not only is PT Wired more enagaing than my previous HEP software, but it's also faster to use.

Norah Whitten, DPT

Taylor Pope, DPT

Chain Effect Physical Therapy

The Ultimate Guide to Eliminating Patient Dropout

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