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PT Wired is the premier RTM and Patient Engagement Solution for Physical Therapy clinics.


Less Dropout.
More Discharges.


Your own
mobile app!

Patients see your brand, not ours.

Trusted by 300+ PT organizations

Patient engagement perfected

A fully customized

patient engagement experience


Prevent Patient Dropout

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Empower Your Marketing

Boost Your Profits

Only 1 in 10 physical therapy patients complete their full course of care. We help keep patients engaged and coming back.

Better engaged patients are more likely to become super fans who return for future care and refer friends/family to your business.

Automatically generate Google/Facebook reviews, create promotional campaigns, build reward incentive programs, and much more.

Billing RTM can add up to $120-160 per patient per month. In addition, improved engagement will boost patient retention and outcomes.


Engaging patient portal

Your clinic in an app

The stellar patient experience you offer no longer ends when the patient leaves your clinic. Your branded clinic app has every feature to keep patients engaged and satisfied.

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Interactive HEP Access

Full Clinic Connectivity

Patients can access their personalized HEP with HD instructional videos and progress tracking. Patients will even earn achievements and awards for staying on top of their exercises!

Patients can message their provider through our HIPAA-compliant messaging platform, schedule appointments, pay bills, and much more.

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Intuitive provider portal

Create an engaging HEP in only 60-90 seconds

Our award-winning Provider Portal is designed to maximize the quality of a Home Exercise Program while minimizing the time required to create it.


7000+ HD Exercise Videos

Streamlined HEP Creation

Our robust video library features extensive exercise specialties and variations. If we are missing anything, upload it yourself or let us know and we will film it for free. 

Utilize Exercise Templates, Favorites, Category Filters, and an AI-powered search engine to quickly and efficiently find the exercises you need.


Powerful marketing platform

Create an immersive,

branded marketing experience

Your clinic-branded patient application is a powerful marketing tool with features customizable to your clinic's specific goals and outreach strategies.

Automated Review Generation

Push-Notification Marketing

Home screen nice work exercise.png

Our patient app is designed to identify highly-engaged patients and automatically ask them to leave your practice reviews on Google and Facebook.

Create custom push-notifications to send out announcements, promotions, and advertisements to your patients with one click.

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Don't just take our word for it...


We've measured significant improvements with our current partners.


PT Wired is an absolute must for all PT clinics. It’s simple to use, simple to set up, and very effective with maintaining patient engagement and interaction. Our team members and patients love it. It has trackable metrics and KPI’s allowing you to measure your ROI.

Highly recommend!


Cawley PT


Frank Cawley, PT

We absolutely love PT Wired.  The whole system is easy from setting up patients and prescribing their HEP, setting up staff, and even patients say the app is very user friendly. PT Wired elevates our practice through technology, patient engagement, and patient success. 


ARI Rehab

Brandi Labhart, PT



Chris Garavito, PT

Patient carryover and satisfaction are the two biggest take aways. PT Wired had a smooth integration system that allowed for an easy transition into the product. The feedback that I have gotten back from the patients is overwhelmingly positive.


We have been very excited to offer this app at the facility, and I am so excited that I chose PT Wired over the other products. Customer service has been amazing and patients have given us very positive feedback.

Extremely satisfied customer!


Preferred PT

Trevor Meyerowitz, PT

Patients on PT Wired are far less likely to drop out of rehab - it's really that simple. Once we set them up, the system helps us maximize patient engagement.


Marquette PT

Dan Pinto, PT

My patients love it! Easy set up, good database of exercises, an ability to add exercises.  My therapists really like being able to track the compliance of their patients as well. The ability to message a patient or have the patient reach out to us on the platform is a huge plus.



Steven Newton, PT, DPT

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The Ultimate Guide to Eliminating Patient Dropout

Download a free copy of our E-Book for exclusive tips and tricks that 200+ PT clinics are using to achieve a 15% reduction in patient dropout.

Ready to get started?

Sign up today to empower your practice with PT Wired. You can also book a demo for a free in-depth look at the PT Wired platform.

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