A Branded Patient
Engagement Experience

Your Home Exercise Program software is now a powerful marketing tool.

Improve Adherence

Our patient portal is powered by behavioral research to keep patients adherent, engaged, and accountable.

Increase Retention

Lost visits are the #1 loss of profitability. Engaged patients are significantly more likely to complete their full course of care.

Boost Satisfaction

Better engaged patients are more likely to become Superfans and refer other people to your business, as well as leave online reviews.

Progress Tracking

Personalized Notes

HD Instructional Videos

A platform designed to
maximize engagement

Over 6,000+ HD instructional videos

Notes for exercises and prescription

Gamification through achievements and awards

Progress tracking and accountability

Friendly reminders to improve adherence


Hear what patients are saying.

Bob W. 


They even have an app which has vids of your exercises!! I rate this place quite highly. I'd give it 10 stars if I could.

Nate A. 


They give access with prescribed exercises in an app with videos so you can do at home. I would highly recommend Kit and their team.

Linda O.

The app was a great tool to help me keep track of my exercises, which contains good demonstrations of the techniques. Thanks so much!

Mark L.

A top notch sports rehab group now has an app to match its high level of attention to detail. Excellent!

Lisa P.

Love this app because it's easy to use and get to my exercises quickly.

Available in nine different styles

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