One of our PT Wired representatives will be getting in touch with you shortly! Below are the Next Steps and the expected timeline for your custom-branded application to go live!

Thank You for Choosing PT Wired!

Next Steps

App Design Preferences Form

After you sign the subscription agreement, you will be contacted by a PT Wired representative. We will send you a form to get your design preferences for your custom-branded application. 


Please send us all versions of your company logo. The best file types are .psd, .eps, .ai, and .tif - these will ensure your App design looks good on all devices!

Apple Developer Program Enrollment

Apple requires you to make an Apple Developer account to submit an App under your brand's name. The process is simple but is divided into several steps.

How Long Until My App Goes Live?


Time Frame

Submission of Setup Items by PT Practice

Apple Store Developer Enrollment

Web Portal and Mobile Application Apps Build

1 to 3 days

3 to 7 days

1 to 2 days

Full Go-Live:

1-2 Weeks

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