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We are excited to have teamed up with MEG Business to help our clients become a part of the top 10% of private practices nationwide. 

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What is MEG Business?


Management Expansion Group (MEG) is a market-leading PT Business Solutions company. Founded in 2006 by Brian Gallagher, MEG has assisted hundreds of PT Private Practice owners in the startup, management and best practices to become a part of the top 10% of private practices nationwide. ​

MEG’s underlying philosophy in business centers around two ideas: first, that as the CEO you are responsible for the personal and professional growth of those you choose to do business with; and second, the better able you are to surround yourself with talented individuals with whom you are willing to invest time and money into the more successful you will be in business.

PT Wired partnered with MEG Business in 2020 to combine its award-winning custom-branded mobile apps with MEG's unique PT business solutions and create the optimal product package for a high-growth private PT practice.


What does MEG Business Offer?


Outsourced Billing Solutions ​

Let MEG's Professional Physical Therapy Billers handle your billing and collections​.


Virtual Training and Coaching​

MEG Academy trains practice owners and their staff members on how to be effective in their roles and manage using the best practices of the top 10%.​ 



Credentialing services customized to suit any size practice.

PT Wired and MEG Content



Strategies to Acquire, Retain and Manage Patients During the Pandemic

How does patient acquisition look differently in today's environment?

What training and tools can we implement to assist in patient retention?

Tips for how to improve your brand awareness and promote patient referrals.



Interview with Vikram Sethuraman, Founder of PT Wired

Better connecting people to their exercises helps retain them as patients and benefits them in their treatment


It takes 60-90 seconds to build out the exercise program on the app (efficient!) 

MEG Academy discount!! *** 

Ready to Join the Top 10%?

Contact us for a free practice assessment referral.
Simply email us and include "MEG" in the title!

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