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PT Wired and Prompt Partner to Offer Powerful Patient Engagement Solution to PT Practices

PT Wired, a patient engagement solution company that provides branded mobile apps to PT clinics to boost patient satisfaction and reduce patient dropout, and Prompt EMR, a fully integrated software solution to manage outpatient PT clinics, have announced a partnership to launch a powerful integrated patient engagement solution. Users of PT Wired’s award-winning patient engagement mobile apps are now able to more easily build and prescribe Home Exercise Programs through a seamless data integration with PromptEMR’s robust documentation solution.

The integration reduces redundancies and inefficiencies for users of both PT Wired and Prompt EMR. PT clinics will no longer need to enter the same data in multiple systems, allowing for a much faster and less frustrating experience when creating and managing patient Home Exercise programs.

“There’s a reason Prompt has been growing like crazy,” said Vikram Sethuraman, CEO of PT Wired. “The solution they have is simply on another level. This integration has been highly requested as more and more PT Wired clients switched to Prompt. We’re extremely excited to now offer this improved user experience to the PT industry.”

“Prompt was started out of the desire to help physical therapy clinics become significantly more efficient and profitable by tying everything a clinic needs into a single, comprehensive, leading-edge application. In doing so, the patient experience can be dramatically improved,” said Ray Baliatico, the CEO of Prompt. “We recognized PT Wired as the premier patient engagement solution to accelerate our goal of helping PT clinics leverage our solution to move their practice forward. We are excited to be working together to offer a seamless HEP & Patient Engagement integration that will help to further modernize PT practices and improve the lives of the patients we help to serve.”

“It’s like when your two best friends finally meet each other and decide to go out on a date and then get married!” said Carina Escudero, PT, DPT, Owner of Aim Sports Medicine. “I have been a long-time user of PT Wired and cannot say enough good things about having an exercise app that looks like my own. Patients rave about it all the time and really value the ease of accessing exercise videos right on their phones. I have also been a long-time user of Prompt – an EMR system I absolutely love. Now who can say that about their EMR system? Now the two are finally integrated and it makes things even easier for me as a PT. I love the innovation that both bring to the party!”

“When the news came out that these two companies were going to integrate we were ecstatic,” said Chris Garavito, MSPT, Owner of PAR Physical Therapy. “Over the last 4 years I have seen the evolution of PT Wired, allowing for increased ease as well as continued patient interaction. About 10 months ago Vikram asked me to meet with Mike, the owner of Prompt. At the time I was using WebPT and had been relatively satisfied. After meeting with Mike, I saw that he too created his all-inclusive product out of necessity. Prompt allows therapists to drastically cut down on documentation time, but also see the common misconceptions about lost revenue. Being able to work with two forward-thinking companies that want to push our profession is exciting and we are thrilled to see what the future holds.”

PT Wired and PromptEMR have an upcoming joint webinar on Thursday, February 24th at 1:30pm ET. The companies will demo the product integration and go through other highlights during the webinar. Click here to register.

About PT Wired

PT Wired is a patient engagement solution that helps PT clinics prevent patient dropout, boost brand engagement, and improve marketing. PT practices receive a fully-branded mobile app available via iOS, Android, and Web that patients can download to access their Home Exercise Program with videos, notes, and reminders. In addition, patients can securely message their therapist, schedule appointments, pay bills, and access clinic marketing content. Therapists can quickly and easily customize patient prescriptions and marketing experiences through the provider portal, including access to PT Wired video library of 7000+ HD exercise. For more information, please visit

About PromptEMR

Prompt Therapy Solutions began out of the desire to help practice owners become better business owners. Coming from varying perspectives outside of the industry, our team recognized many operational inefficiencies that could be corrected by a system built utilizing technology available to us today. Prompt is a modern, and highly automated system built to help grow your business, and handle everything your rehab practice needs all under one login. Our goal is for your team to spend as little time as possible on our platform - leaving you more time with your patients, your business, and your family. For more information, please visit

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